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Lindsay McCoy is a freelance model who works out of the greater Seattle and Olympia areas. Her work has taken her across the United States to places like New York, Chicago, L.A., Seattle, and Portland. She has been modeling for nine years and walking runway for four. She is a graduate of the University of Washington with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Honors Interdisciplinary Visual Arts.


McCoy has been an artist her entire life and uses modeling as her main artistic venue to exercise and display all her various talents, some of which include modeling, set styling, wardrobe styling, fashion design, photo editing, digital illustration, makeup design, and hair design. McCoy is a strong advocate for beauty equality and standards in the modeling industry as a non-industry sized model.


Her work has been featured in over seventeen magazines, some which include Dark Beauty, Photoshop User, Solis, Gothesque, and DYE. She has worked with over one hundred photographers and thirty designers.

McCoy aspires to one day work for a fashion or magazine company as a model, editorial stylist, or fashion designer. She has also recently begun to explore acting.



Photograph by Noctem Photography, Makeup by Esoteric Makeup.

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